We Love to cook traditional food item of Bangladesh sometimes in an unique way & we feed the village kids & villagers in our village. We also love to capture our village various traditional fishing system and lots of Bengali culture & also love to do some primitive work. We also made some toys for village kids.

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300 Eggs Charity Foods Cooking / Prepared By Village Women & Serve To Child And Villagers

This time we cooked 300 eggs for villagers and we cooked it with boiled the egg. It is called in Bengali “Eggs Vuna”. All the foods are prepared by 10-12[…]

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Puffed Snowball | Water Lily Seed Puffed | Rare Traditional Food | Tasty Jaggery Snowball Recipe

This is most tasty & most amazing village food item. How to make puffed from water lily’s seed. Water lily seed is collected from water lily fruits and dry it[…]

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The main purpose of this channel is to highlight what is happening around Bangladesh. Our YouTube channel has 1.9 million+ subscribers. We had done some social work also. Our main focus is to see the villagers happy and want to share joy with them


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