Month: August 2019

Ripe Banana Sweet Ball Making By Village Women – New Tasty Sweet Banana Chop

Sweet Banana Ball/chop/pakura making by village women for 200+ village people. Boys collected green banana from banana garden and then about 5-7 days all banana transform into yellow banana and then women mixed all the banana with sugar & rice flour and making small small size ball by frying in hot oil. This is new…
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50 KG Green Mango Prepared || Cooking By Villagers For Charity Foods to Feed Children

In this video we have collect 50 KG fresh green mango from our mango garden and cooked it using 10 KG sugar and some others masala and server it to all villagers. They all like it very much. Our next plan is to feed them beef tripe/full cow lamb intestine with rice and if everything…
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Big Fish Market Dhaka Bangladesh | Hilsa and lot of Others kind of Fish available.

This Market is at Mirpur-1 Dhaka Bangladesh. Very Big bazar with lot of type of Fish available. Lot of Hilsa Fish available Here. This video was taken 2 years ago while i was roaming around Mirpur. Most of the time when we go to local market in our country Bangladesh we can see this things.…
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Long Purple Eggplant Roast – Too Tiny Shrimp Mixed Brinjal Curry Cooking By Village Women

Farm fresh long purple eggplant & too tiny shrimp fish mixed full brinjal roast cooking for whole village people. About 100 KG fresh eggplant was collected from farm. Full eggplant was cooked mixing up with too tiny shrimp fish. All the eggplant was clean & recipe created by AroundMeBD women team. This food program was…
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1,000 Eggs Cooking For Whole Village People – You Can’t Guess What They Are Cooking Until Finish

100% New Eggs Recipe created by village women. 1,000 pieces of eggs hodgepodge cooking by village women for whole village people. About 50 KG rice & thousands pieces eggs mixed hodgepodge cooking. 1,000 pieces broken eggs was boiled using spice ingredient in big pot. Then eggs was cutting into small small pieces. Then started hodgepodge…
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Fish Slice | Fish Cutting in Dhaka Bangladesh big Fish Market

Fish Filleting and cutting in Mirpur-1 Big Fish Market. Very faster Fish cutting process. Sometimes I feel wondered how they cut this fish so fast. They are too fast too furious. People who are living abroad now surely enjoy this video. Most of the time when we go to local market in our country Bangladesh…
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