Month: December 2019

300 Eggs Charity Foods Cooking / Prepared By Village Women & Serve To Child And Villagers

This time we cooked 300 eggs for villagers and we cooked it with boiled the egg. It is called in Bengali “Eggs Vuna”. All the foods are prepared by 10-12 village women. They enjoy lots to cooked it and serve it to villagers and child. We serve the vuna (Mashala Mashed) eggs with rice to…
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Puffed Snowball | Water Lily Seed Puffed | Rare Traditional Food | Tasty Jaggery Snowball Recipe

This is most tasty & most amazing village food item. How to make puffed from water lily’s seed. Water lily seed is collected from water lily fruits and dry it in the sun for 4-5 days then seed going to be black and then fry it in the hot sand and at last mixed up…
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